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Law Library

The EBA Law Library is a new resource for website users that wish to further explore the data by consulting the laws and regulations examined by the EBA project. To browse available links to copies of laws and regulations, choose either a country or a topic area from the selection menus below.


  • This Law Library is included merely for informational purposes as a supplement to the data available on the EBA website. While we try to provide a helpful informational resource, we cannot guarantee the ongoing validity of any linked legal instruments. For legal matters, the listing of links to laws and regulations below should not be relied upon as an official source or indication of current law in your country. Always directly consult the official source of law for your country, if available.
  • Not all laws and regulations impacting the EBA data are currently freely available online.
  • Please also note that in some cases the instrument names below include unofficial names. The wording of instrument names and the language choices of the links included below does not imply any recognition or selection on the part of the World Bank Group.
  • If you would like to suggest an improved translation, the addition of a new legal instrument, or an improved internet link, please contact us at eba@worldbank.org.